1. Liberty

From the recording Snapshot of America

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B. Gudgeon, P. Gudgeon, B. Bellott

Copyright 2020
Droning Foghorn Music, BMI


When I was young, I fell in love
with an ocean lady, all dressed in green
She held a torch for me, or so it seemed
and her name was Liberty.

When I grew older,
I found I was deceived,
She turned and she left me
for a merchant from the sea.

Like the droning of a foghorn,
she was blowin lies at me,
the spirit of my Liberty.

Liberty, why did ya leave me
for the lure of an evil eye?
Did ya have to sell yer soul
for money and a lie?

Liberty, you know I'd take ya back
if you would only change
Show me that you care for me,
Oh Liberty!

I searched the ocean deep
and climbed a mountain high,
tryin' to understand
the answer to the why.

Then I heard a voice
from the land of the free:
"You can blame it all on you and me"!

(chorus 2x)

(tag) just tell me that you care
Oh, Liberty!